Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If Your House Was Burning, What Would You save?

After spending a weekend at a FEMA training, I have had the notion of natural disasters on my mind lately.  Which made me think, if my house were burning, what is so important in my life that I would feel compelled and maybe even more importantly would remember to save. 

Obviously, my darling kitty loves.

Next in line would be Alma Dixie.  My bestie from my childhood.  She and I shared everything from play dates, to slumber parties, to swim lessons.  No joke.

I would swing by the office and grab the Bible that belonged to my great grandmother.  It is in Spanish and is complete with all of her notes and highlighting. Priceless.

I would be sure to grab my wedding ring because nothing in the world has more sentimental value.  Hubbs picked it out on his own - amazing! 

And for purely practical reasons, I would grab my glasses.  I think I would be pretty annoyed if my house burned down AND I couldn't see anything.
 What would you grab?

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