Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spring Fling

I am absolutely obsessed with yellow and teal this spring.  Resultingly, I have decided that everything in my house needs to wear these hues. From the ceiling in my son's bedroom to the dull black mailbox in my entryway, nothing is safe!

I blame CB2 for this sudden infatuation with yellow and teal:
cb2 catalogue
Stay tuned for the damage done in my home and shhhh don't tell hubbs; it is so much more fun to surprise him!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I am passionate about a good treasure hunt and as a result, I have been obsessed with my local flea markets. Yes, this topic is reminiscent of this and this. In the past week I have been to both the Long Beach and the Santa Monica flea markets. Yes, I am absolutely obsessed.

I am so amused by the quirky finds at these places:

Honestly, who doesn't need a creepy doll or a once-live pet furry animal?  I'd like to meet the people who purchase these items.

I was looking for a rocking chair but instead managed to find two wall shelves (they need some TLC),
 Some awesome old doors (care of Michelle - xoxo),
An old ladder - seriously, such a necessity,
And my absolute favorite purchase is this adorable vintage baby scale.  Baby B is going to take the most darling photos on this piece!
Because of baby B on the way, I am more aware of fun toys.  How awesome is this little boat rocker?
Love this quirky, grumpy owl.
Such a fun little baby tub!
Seriously? Maybe the coolest truck ever.
Happy treasure hunting friends.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cute and Pregnant Doesn't Have to be a Misnomer

I have been struggling with looking cute while being pregnant for some time now.  I am in that awesome in between stage where I look, well, chubby. Not awesome. After some serious searching for fashionable threads I am almost convinced (not completely convinced at this point) that just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you must look frumpy, chubby, homely, barefoot, matronly, disheveled, or ______ {enter choice adjective here}.

Exhibit A:
The Daybook Blog

Perfect for a Saturday excursion:
The Daybook Blog
Ideal for a picnic:
The Daybook Blog
This look simply makes me happy:
The Daybook Blog
She seriously mastered the mumu here, somehow it still looks feminine!
The Daybook Blog
Thank you The Daybook Blog for inspiring me!  What is your favorite pregnant attire?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If Your House Was Burning, What Would You save?

After spending a weekend at a FEMA training, I have had the notion of natural disasters on my mind lately.  Which made me think, if my house were burning, what is so important in my life that I would feel compelled and maybe even more importantly would remember to save. 

Obviously, my darling kitty loves.

Next in line would be Alma Dixie.  My bestie from my childhood.  She and I shared everything from play dates, to slumber parties, to swim lessons.  No joke.

I would swing by the office and grab the Bible that belonged to my great grandmother.  It is in Spanish and is complete with all of her notes and highlighting. Priceless.

I would be sure to grab my wedding ring because nothing in the world has more sentimental value.  Hubbs picked it out on his own - amazing! 

And for purely practical reasons, I would grab my glasses.  I think I would be pretty annoyed if my house burned down AND I couldn't see anything.
 What would you grab?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Blues

How was your weekend my lovelies? My weekend was spent preparing for fall, biking to the farmers market, and painting my living room a stunning teal blue! I am so impulsive and got it into my head that my living room needed an update. Much to hubbs' surprise (don't you just LOVE surprises??), I bribed my girlfriend with a martini and dinner and we set to painting on Friday night. 

Because nothing in my life is easy, I decided that it could not be a flat blue but the wall should probably be textured like linen.  So beachy and casual.  Perfect for my living room.

The walls were sand colored before so I painted directly over the sand color with a teal paint mixed with glaze.  Even though the nice worker's at Home Depot swore that the glaze would not change the color of the teal, it turns out that it did mute it just a tad.
Can you see the martini sparkling in Goldie's eyes?
After Goldie painted the wall teal, I set to wiping the walls with a hand broom. First vertically and then horizontally.

The result was a nice weathered look with a very faint linen texture.  The messier the better.  This is not a look that would look good perfect so perfectionists stay away or drink heavily before painting!
What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?

 Photos courtesy of hubbs.