Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I am passionate about a good treasure hunt and as a result, I have been obsessed with my local flea markets. Yes, this topic is reminiscent of this and this. In the past week I have been to both the Long Beach and the Santa Monica flea markets. Yes, I am absolutely obsessed.

I am so amused by the quirky finds at these places:

Honestly, who doesn't need a creepy doll or a once-live pet furry animal?  I'd like to meet the people who purchase these items.

I was looking for a rocking chair but instead managed to find two wall shelves (they need some TLC),
 Some awesome old doors (care of Michelle - xoxo),
An old ladder - seriously, such a necessity,
And my absolute favorite purchase is this adorable vintage baby scale.  Baby B is going to take the most darling photos on this piece!
Because of baby B on the way, I am more aware of fun toys.  How awesome is this little boat rocker?
Love this quirky, grumpy owl.
Such a fun little baby tub!
Seriously? Maybe the coolest truck ever.
Happy treasure hunting friends.

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