Monday, May 23, 2011


I LOVE treasures.  This past Sunday I woke up needing to find some treasures. Luckily, hubbs doesn't mind a good treasure hunt.

Needing a good hunt but recognizing that there is nothing that we need, we went to the swap meet at Golden West College.  Lets be honest, this place is pretty junky.  Expect to get dirty, to find very few treasures, but also to spend very little on whatever treasures you do find.

This wagon is so adorable and rustic.  I would love to pile in the gatos and take a trip to the beach.  Hubbs had visions of transporting tools and gardening supplies in it.  Either way, it's a cool piece.

 For $ 5.00, this is a pretty awesome belt buckle for hubbs.  It even draws upon his Russian roots.  Such a steal.
 Nothing says summer like a coral bangle.  After lots of haggling, I was able to call this my own for a whopping $ 2.00.  Whether it is vintage (yes, I may have convinced hubbs it is a costly vintage piece) or plastic, I expect it will be put to good use this summer.
 I mentioned this place was junky, right?  But, amongst the junk, this cute Radio Flyer is waiting for a new best friend.
 Last but not least, I bought two very simple vases.  After a lot of scrubbing, soaking and disinfecting, they look superb.

Happy treasure hunting friends!

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