Monday, June 13, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I LOVE finding treasures.  The beauty about treasures is that you can find them almost anywhere: at the beach, while hiking, at swanky stores or at flea markets.  The Long Beach Flea Market is one of my favorite places to find treasures.

Where else can you find a family of four...
 A whisk fit for a giant along side a nice set of teeth...

 Scary white hands reaching for the sky .
Amidst the craziness at the flea market, my friend Cathy and I were able to do some damage! Poor little Simone is stuck with very little room!
Loving my wine rack!

Found a perfectly rustic chic end table.  Love the details in the bamboo legs and the writing and imprint on the table top.   

And I found a perfect cabinet to store our scores of DVDs that are completely neglected now that we have discovered cable.  Amazing how that worked out.
Have you found any awesome treasures?


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