Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Worknight Smore Brownies

Hubbs is a lover of all things sweet.  Obviously that is why he married me.  Okay, I admit that I am ridiculous.

Baking mid-week is pretty much a huge hassle for a lazy workaholic like myself.  But, this recipe is an exception.  And we all know that I cannot refuse anything smores related, remember this creation?

Start out with boxed brownie mix (shhhh don't tell that it isn't from scratch), add some eggs, butter, marshmallows and a cookies n' creme Hershey's bar.
 Mix and throw it in the oven.
Sadly, I was in such a sugar wonderland that I failed to take any "after" photos.  The marshmallows disappeared but I think they made the brownies more fluffy.  Overall, my mid-workweek smores brownies were pretty tasty!

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