Monday, April 25, 2011

Smores Make A Girl Go Wild!

How was your weekend? Our weekend was so wonderfully busy. We hosted dinner and smores and had a blast!
Joel, Kellie (baby Hunter hasn't made his big debut yet), and me
Because hubbs didn't get the text message about picking up smores essentials, we had to make a quick stop at the neighborhood 7 Eleven.  Much to my dismay, they did not have graham crackers.  We thought we would get creative with some Canelitas crackers because that was the closest thing to graham crackers at 7 Eleven.


The end result was good.  The Canelitas had a lot of cinnamon and were really crunchy; they were pretty tasty. However, I am a purist and would still stick with the graham cracker in the future.

Even Luka had a smashing good time.

 What is your favorite type of smores?

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