Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Bash aka George's Surprise Bday

Hubbs turned 35 this week. Extroardinary.  To celebrate, I threw him a surprise birthday party. 

Much to hubbs' dismay, I sent out postcard invitations featuring baby hubbs. Aren't they adorable?
 The party was complete with a candy bar...

I included clear goodie bags with an assortment of ribbons for party goers to fill up and take home with them.

I knew hubbs wouldn't appreciate a theme so instead of a themed party, I opted for a bright, springy flare. I have been dying for an excuse to use Martha's poms for quite some time now.  Now, that they are done, they may stay in my tree as my spring/summer decorations!

 I had so many poms that I used them all over the house to decorate.
Apparently I don't know how to focus with my camera. Sorry!
I don't think I know anybody who doesn't like to dress up.  In that spirit, I bought a polaroid camera and had a scrap book available with loads of pens, markers, stickers, and colorful paper for people to dress up, take a shot, and write a note. The end result was phenomenal.  This was perhaps the best part of the party.  People came up with the most clever ideas and now hubbs has a perfect memento from the day. 
Hubbs doesn't have many photos of his childhood so I went on a rampage to find some.  Luckily I found enough to fill the wall so I created a wall full of old (some may even be considered antiques at this point) photos [thanks Martha for the idea!]. Obviously in the shape of a 35; wouldn't want hubbs to forget how old he is turning.

We had a Mexican food feast complete with a hot sauce bar and an array of salsas...

What would a grown-up party be without jello shots?

We had a superb array of smores that included strawberry, chocolate/vanilla swirl and original marshmallows; dark, milk, and cookies and cream chocolates; and cinnamon and regular grahams.  Like anybody needed more sugar after the candy bar!

Most importantly, the party was a complete surprise.

As always, Lola did her fare share of celebrating.


  1. lol looks great! cant believe i missed it!