Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zoë's Teal Inspiration

Simply Güzel is thrilled to have Zoë as today's guest blogger! She is truly a wonderful human being, full of creative ideas, bohemian chic jewelry and a sparkling personality. Thanks Zoë for your fabulous post!

After reading For the Love of Teal on Simply Güzel and taking in the many, lovely hues of greens and blues in all of the accompanying photos, I decided it was time to transform my entryway piece, which used to be red all over.  I had always questioned the reddish color, but I liked the piece, and Simply Güzel provided just the motivation I needed to make this piece worthy of an entryway, with a little touch of teal (or turquoise, or whatever color this turned out to be).  A couple of bottles of spray paint from the local hardware store, and, VOILA!!  

Warning: if you are spray painting outside, you cannot control the wind (I tried really hard!), so wear a mask.  I left the drawers red, originally because I ran out of spray paint, but ultimately because I ended up liking the juxtaposition of the cool teal and the warm red.  I love to mix turquoise and red when it comes to jewelry, so it seemed like a natural progression for the color scheme to end up in my home.  Thanks to Simply Güzel for all of the colorful inspiration!  --  Zoë

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