Friday, May 27, 2011

What's Cooking This Weekend?

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!!  I hope your weekend is full of food, drinks, sunshine, and friends.  My fav part of a long weekend is a tasty breakfast. 

Breakfast is worthless without potatoes.  Seriously.  The trick is to cut the potatoes in to small squares, throw them in a pan with a lot of oil and cook them on low for a really long time.  I always add some onions and jalapenos too.  After about 15 minutes of cooking, your house will smell edible!

Because plain eggs are too dull for my style, I mix in some chorizo.  Vege chorizo since I am such a health nut.  I brown some onions, add the vege chorizo and cook for a few minutes. 

Then I add eggs that have been beat up and spiced pretty well.
Add some beans, salsa, warm tortillas and a nice pinch of queso and voila, a breakfast for champs.
Have a fabulous weekend!!

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